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Aircraft Management Services in Kankakee, IL

Private aircraft ownership can be complicated, but partnering with an experienced, reliable and safety-driven management company is paramount. We will go to great lengths to ensure your private aircraft remains in the best possible conditions. We serve Kankakee County, the Chicago area, and Northwestern Indiana.


Elite Flight Training and Management, LLC is a comprehensive operation that focuses on asset, charter and aircraft management solutions for aircraft owners. Our team’s experience in the aviation business assures that every detail is taken care of efficiently and effectively. Whatever level of service you seek, our highly personalized approach to aircraft management begins with understating the unique needs and desires of the aircraft principles. We will deliver a completely custom-tailored program to fully meet those expectations.


         Elite Flight Training and Aircraft Management's services can include:

  • Aircraft acquisition and sales services

  • Pilot recruitment, qualification and training

  • Supervision of flight crew personnel

  • Aircraft and crew scheduling, management and readiness

  • Aircraft maintenance tracking, record keeping and full support

  • FAA regulatory compliance

  • Performance-based monthly management fee with clear monthly financial statements

  • Record keeping for accounting



Along with our end-to-end aircraft maintenance, our charter services allow private aircraft owners to maximize the investment value of their asset and simply enjoy the lifestyle benefits of aircraft ownership. Indeed, the aircraft you own can be generating revenue instead of sleeping in a hangar. We can turn your personal aircraft into an income-producing asset through charter revenue. 



In the fast-paced world of aviation, Elite Flight Training and Aircraft Management understands that serving aircraft owners and pilots requires not only an understanding of the industry, but the equipment and expertise to deliver quality service every time your aircraft visits our facility. Whether performing routine aircraft inspections, major repair or modification, Elite Flight Training and Aircraft Management will arrange or provide professional services around your schedule.

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