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Multi-Engine Rating

Elite is proud to offer an accelerated multi-engine flight training course!  In just three full days, you can add a multi-engine rating to your private or commercial pilot license. 


Location, location, location!  As one of the only flight schools to offer an accelerated program, in the Chicagoland area, Elite is conveniently located approximately one hour from Midway (MDW) and O'Hare (ORD) International Airport's as well as near the University of Illinois Willard Airport in Champaign-Urbana (CMI) and Indianapolis.  This makes our flight school perfect for students both far and near.  Plus, at Elite, we're happy to help with lodging, transportation, and meal accommodations near the Greater Kankakee Airport (KIKK).   

Ready to Start?


Accelerated Program Cost $3,695

  • Approx. 9hrs of aircraft rental

  • Approx. 9hrs of ground school

  • Training material (provided in advance)

  • E-learning (Zoom call) with instructor before 1st day

  • Applicant must be IFR current and proficient

  • Applicant must be current and proficient in a single-engine aircraft

  • Applicant must have a complex endorsement

  • Additional aircraft rental is $220.00/hr wet (fuel included)

  • Additional instructor fee is $75.00/hr

Note:  A check ride fee of $750.00 is not included in the program cost, this fee is paid to the pilot examiner.



Day 1

9am - 10am: Ground

  • Meet and Greet

  • Introduction to Elite's multi-engine training program

  • Logbook review

  • Systems review

  • Preflight


10am - 12pm: Flight

  • Straight and level

  • Climbs 

  • Descents

  • Steep turns 

  • Slow flight

  • Stalls 

  • Landings


12pm - 1pm: Lunch


1pm - 2:30pm: Ground

  • Intro to multi-engine aerodynamics

  • Single-engine procedures


2:30pm - 5pm: Flight 

  • Review maneuvers

  • Single-engine air work 


5pm - 5:30pm: Ground

  • Answer any questions

  • Review 

  • Plan for day 2


Day 2

9am - 9:30am: Ground

  • Answer any questions

  • Plan of action for the flight


9:30am - 11am: Flight

  • Review maneuvers

  • Single-engine air work

  • Instrument Approach


11am - 12:30pm: Ground

  • Performance charts

  • Single-engine aerodynamics


12:30pm - 1pm: Lunch


1pm - 3:30pm: Flight

  • Instrument approaches

  • Simulated check ride

3:30pm - 5:30pm: Ground

  • Answer any questions

  • Fill out IACRA


Day 3




  • Piper Twin Comanche

  • PA-30

  • Twin 160hp Lycoming 0-320 engines

  • Upgraded Avionics (Dual Garmin G5 - EFI, Avidyne IFD 440 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM, WAAS, Traffic, METAR & TAF Weather, NEXRAD radar, ADS-B In/Out, PS Engineering Auto Panel capable of cell phone/music, L3 Avionics NGT-9000 Xpndr)

  • 4 total seats installed

  • Manufactured in 1966

  • Pristine logbooks and maintenance history

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