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Aircraft Rental

Imagine seeing the world from a whole new perspective.  Well, Elite Flight Training has a beautiful fleet of aircraft that are available for rent — located just 50 miles south of Chicago. Rent an aircraft to 'buzz the tower' (not literally, please), or sit back and relax as an experienced pilot provides an unforgettable scenic tour.



Take the controls and learn to fly an airplane! This one hour introductory and log-able flight lesson is the perfect opportunity to discover what it is like to be a pilot, while learning basic aviation skills.

The adventure begins at the Greater Kankakee Airport where you will meet your Certified Flight Instructor, who will provide a briefing prior to departure. Once the briefing and pre-flight checks are complete, it's time to jump in the co-pilot's seat and prepare for take off. When the plane is airborne, you will have the opportunity to take the controls and actually fly the airplane!



Have an itch to get up in the air?  Take one of our awe-inspiring aircraft out for a spin, Captain!  You're in charge, so feel free to plan a local flight or cross country expedition.  Either way, we can help you plan and facilitate your flying adventure.  

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