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Welcome to the Fleet

Meet the Fleet!  Elite Flight Training and Aircraft Management is proud to offer multiple fascinating airplanes that are unique and incredibly fun to fly!  Flying planes with retractable gear, high-tech navigation systems, and incredible horsepower will ensure a fun learning experience.  We pride ourselves in maintaining a clean and pristine fleet, with an impeccable maintenance history, come see for yourself!  Here are three of our primary aircraft:


Piper Warrior

The Warrior is an all metal, four seat, low wing, single engine airplane with tricycle landing gear, which has a single large door that is entered above the wing.  Its distinguishable from their Cherokee (PA-28) predecessors by their double-tapered wing planform and two-foot-wider wingspans.  The warrior feels solid, is relatively smooth on landing and a great cruiser!


Cessna 172

The 172 is an all metal, four seat, high wing, single engine airplane equipped with tricycle landing gear.  The high wing allows for incredible ground visibility and has a slightly different feel than most low wing airplanes, it is also the highest produced airplane in the world. The C-172 is incredibly easy to fly, good on short rough fields and a perfect training aircraft!


Piper Twin Comanche

Piper built about 2,200 Twin Comanche's between 1963-1972, using the nearly bullet proof engine that power many of the most reliable and popular single engine aircrafts like the C-172 and Super Cub.  The Twin Comanche is a fabulous training aircraft due to its simplicity and proportionally balanced thrust to weight ratio.  We're lucky to have acquired a "B" model with the 3rd row window, which seems to have a cult like following and generous support.

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