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Flight Training Pricing in Kankakee, IL

We evaluate our fees monthly to provide our students with the best training for the lowest cost.  Be sure to check back or call/email us with any questions!

Price List

As of 9/12/22



(Fuel Surcharge added to each flight hour @ $8.00/HR, evaluated and adjusted monthly)

Reimbursement for fuel purchases away from IKK will be reimbursed at the current posted fuel rate at IKK, at the time of flight.

  • Piper Warrior (N30650) - $145/HR

  • Cessna 172I (N46072) - $145/HR

  • Piper Twin Comanche (N8188Y) - $220/HR



  • Pre-Private Pilot training - $50/HR

  • Advanced Training - $65/HR (Instrument; Commercial; CFI)

  • Flight Reviews and IPCs - $65/HR

  • Multi Engine Training - $75/HR

  • Wait time on ground during trips - $50/HR


10% discount on aircraft rental and instruction if customer has a positive balance on account (Must be Paid for with Cash or Check)



Accelerated Multi Engine Training:

  • $3,695 plus examiners fee

  • 3-day program with check ride on the 4th day.  Includes 9 hours of flight instruction and 9 hours ground instruction.  If needed, additional instruction is billed at $220/HR for airplane and $75/HR for instructor.

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